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Learn to crochet….from youtube

Technology is awesome! Esp when you can learn something entirely new from scratch at no cost 😉 (almost)
Teresa (tjw1963) has a youtube channel for crochet. From lessons for beginners to making intricate crochet projects, she has everything and her videos are very neatly done with detailed instructions and slow motion hand movements etc.
Here are few of the videos are followed to make my crochet projects:

Basic stitches tutorials:
Here are few of the projects I tired and links to teresa’s tutorials.

A scarf
Flowers and tit bits

Sweetheart topi

Beanie cap
Baby booties

Baby Blanket

                                                                     And a scarf to complete the baby collection!

In case you are looking for a new hobby, try crochet!

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Mine must have been a sinful life. For even light that falls on me turns dark and falls down.

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How to water your plants while away from home

This is something that I had tried a month ago and thought it would be useful for others who are looking to water their plants while away from home.

All you need to do is pick a sunny spot, fill a big bucket with water and arrange all your plants/pots around it.
Then make long strips of paper towel and wet them thoroughly. These strips will be used as wicks to carry water from bucket to the roots of the plants.
Place one end of the paper towel strip in the bucket and the other close to roots of the plants.
That’s all you are done!

Things to remember:
Water level in the bucket must be higher than level at which your plants are. Otherwise the capillary action may not work.
Place cloth mats etc around your arrangement so any water spillage wont spoil your flooring. (This is not happen though. The soil only absorbs as much water it needs.)
Before setting it up, I tested the concept by adding red food color to the water in the bucket. The paper towels wicks were soaked in uncolored water and I arranged them one end on bucket and other end in the pot. And I could actually see the colored water move through the paper towel wicks. You might also want to test to make sure your arrangement works.

I was away from home for 6 days and about 3 gallons of water was more than needed for small flower plants.

For smaller seedlings in smaller pots, I created a water bath. In an aluminum tray, I arranged the pots (which has holes at the bottom for water drainage) and then poured water all around them. Simple and effective.

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Bhagwan ke paas itna time nahi hai ki woh har cheez tumse pooch-pooch ke karein.

(God does not have enough time to be asking you for opinions before doing anything.)

Background music : karuththu kandasaami…karuththu kandasaami..

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Don’t stick to your plans. Life does not!

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Through broken glass

Posting pics on blogger through flickr. But this is not what I want. I want o be able to post a number of pics on the same post. Not one post for each picture… hmmm…anyways i am stopping here.

Also, anybody has any suggestions for a good photo editing software (not adobe photoshop. anything other than that?) i want to be able to add shadows, frames etc.

Through broken glass
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Caged light

Caged light
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Raavan – Too many questions

After a 20 mile drive we got to see Raavan Friday night. I walked out having mixed reactions. It was not totally disappointing but overall it was not a great movie either. At the end of the show there were just so many questions to be asked.

People (esp heroine) were falling left, right and center from cliffs and waterfalls, climbing vines and rocks. Why wasn’t anybody hurt? Not even a bruise? a cut?
The man’s sister was raped a few weeks back. He was shown frolicking with children in small round boats on rainy days?
Beera angry = Beera happy = Beera upset = Beera normal. No change in expression/body language?
Can a man (savage, barbaric and has all means to gorilla the army out of his territory) forget to avenge for his dead brother and sister at the sight of a woman?
The title of the movie was enough to suggest that the story was based on Ramayan. Was it necessary to draw analogies to everything in the book?
Rain/fog/mist do heighten the drama of the scene. But all throughout the movie? Doesn’t it lose the value?
Does a rape victim have to start her dialogue with a smart ass line? “Tumhe bahut chot toh nahi lagi?” Damn you girl..u are close to dead.
I thought music was noisy and too much to take at a time. Was it an attempt to make songs sound tribal?
Mani has tried too hard to make every scene the high point of the movie.
There are good scenes here and there but when they all come together, the puzzle just doesn’t fit.
No chemistry/history/geography….nothing between aish and vikram. In fact, I thought Vikram looked intimidated in her presence.
Ravi kishan, Govinda and priya mani were upto mark. Vikram could have and should have been given more footage. Aishwarya was good too. But either AB jr was clueless or director was clueless on how to make him act…i dont know but end result was not so good.
Poor dialogues (very shocking to see this in a mani ratnam movie) forgettable songs (except ‘beera beera’).
And now I will tell you why I think you should take a trip to the movie hall to watch this one.
Cinematography. I dont know what that encompasses, but in plain english the camera work is just fantastic. If there is anything worth watching on the big screen its the lush forests, the waterfalls and of course Aishwarya in her flowing pretty Sabyasachi salwars. Few scenes are so good, you dont mind them playing it over and over again 🙂
In the climax of the film ‘Anjali’, they show the child in the hospital with the glucose (or ivy or whatever) bottle between her thighs. Someone asked me if that’s how they did it reality? Shouldn’t the bottle be hanging from a pole? I had very strongly said that this was a ManiRatnam movie and he would have done enough research to make sure he is taking each and every shot the right way. Sad, I cannot say the same thing about Raavan.
Just too many loose ends in the story clubbed with confused looking actors made the film very lukewarm.
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Old pencil and water color try outs

These are few of my earliest trials at drawing and painting. Most going back to school and college days. This time when I went to mysore, I managed to get some pictures of them.

I saw these in a magazine and copied them.
This one’s from the cover of my dad’s copy of My experiments with truth.

The words on this painting I remember were copied from a friendship day card my best friend gave me. Ohh those days…when we used to exchange cards so much 🙂

This is incomplete. I am not sure how to or if I will ever re attempt it.
This I drew after my first dhandiya at Infy.
This one is again incomplete. I guess this was the last one I was working on before coming to NJ.
I drew this when I was in LA.

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